The Astro Time Switch can automatically adjust itself for Daylight Saving Time (BST/GMT) and leap year adjustments with up to 10 years of battery back. The Astro Time Switch incorporates the latest microcontroller technology and is designed to have a high level of immunity to electrical noise which can cause other time switches to malfunction.

  • 7-day programmability incorporating Dusk & Dawn Astronomical tracking set points with traditional time-based events.
  • Channel 1 has solar based and 8 time-based switch points – Channel 2 has 12 time-based switch points
  • Automatic leap year adjustment
  • Local and remote load switch override feature
  • Up to 10-year battery backup
  • Universal power supply 85 to 265 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Outputs are protected by 320 Joule M
  • Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) switch – reliable switching of reactive loads such as street lighting
  • Capable of switching reactive loads up to 10 A on each channel
  • Mountable on a 35mm symmetric DIN Rail for ease of installation
  • Latitude and Longitude of location can be programmed by the user
  • Security code program protection and tamper proof cover
  • Illuminated keypad and backlit LCD display
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